2016-01-10 16:55 #0 av: Fredrik1

The time of death is very crucial and we tend to die in the way that we live. If we live on automatic, we tend to die on automatic. If we live being angry and losing our temper, we tend to die being angry and losing our temper. If we live with kindness, we tend to die with kindness. So if we want a good rebirth in the future life, it's important to prepare for the time of death now. Similarly, if we wish to attain liberation and awakening, we need to create the causes for it, which we're able to do with this precious human life. Therefore, it's important not to fritter away our time or be unconcerned about death happening to us, but to have awareness of death that sparks us to live in a vibrant way with attention to our spiritual aspirations and goals.
Venerable Thubten Chodron