2016-02-23 00:18 #0 av: Fredrik1

"The greatest hindrance of understanding rebirth is the strength of our present self-grasping. "I" feels so solid, "me" is this body.  And we can´t imagine being anything else. Can you imagine being a baby? We know that.  

But the baby state of mind:

Lack of conceptual thought.                                                                                                                          Lack of knowledge of the world.                                                                                                              The inability to express oneself.                                                                                                                    The inability to understand what´s going on around you.

Can we ever think that we´re like that as a baby ? Hard to imagine. Yet we know for sure that we we´re like that. Then it´s even harder to imagine being in another body, also with a different state of mind."

Ven. Thubten Chodron,  från  youtube video-serien The easy path to travel to omniscience Part 8.