2016-06-26 09:00 #0 av: Fredrik1

"In relating with the teacher, your critical input and your surrendering work together at the same time. They're not working against each other. The more you get input from the teacher and the phenomenal world and the more you develop, at the same time the more you question. So there is some kind of dance taking place between the teacher and yourself. You are not particularly trying to switch off your questioning intelligence and switch on some sort of mindless devotion. Rather, the two - cynicism and devotion --are synchronized together.

The subject we are going to discuss at this point on the sadhana itself is a basically vajrayana-oriented kind of topic. And it has a lot of implications at the same time, connected with the basic practice of hinayana and mahayana Buddhism as well. And generally the first point I would like to get across tonight is some sense of, or the notion of devotion, in some sense. Which the sadhana is based on. "

Chögyam Trungpa

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