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"Thru Phayul ..-
By: Tenzin Monlan.

DHARAMSHALA, Aug 30: Following the suicide of a Tibetan nun in July last month, two other nuns have taken their own lives and another attempted suicide in the wake of the ongoing demolition of monastic quarters at the Larung Gar Buddhist academy in Serthar by the Chinese government.

The two slain nuns - Sengma from Sichuan Province’s Dowa village in Dzamthang County and Tsering Dolma from Mewa Township in Marthang County in Sichuan’s Ngaba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture - have reportedly committed suicide, RFA reported. RFA’s source mentioned that Tsering Dolma, “left behind a note expressing her distress at the demolition and complaining that the Chinese will not let them live in peace” and that the ordeal left her depressed and troubled, eventually leading to kill herself.

Specifics on the death of the Sengma is currently not available due to the restrictions and heavy monitoring of telephonic and Internet communication by authorities in the area in order to curb the flow of information from the demolition site.

Another unidentified nun who attempted suicide apparently in protest of the ongoing demolition of the monastic academy was thwarted by fellow nuns. Earlier in July, a nun named Rinzin Dolma who lived on Pema Khado Road inside the Larung Gar complex, hanged herself as she could not bear witness to the destruction of her academy. “She left a note behind in which she wrote about how she could not bear the pain of the endless Chinese harassment of innocent Buddhists who quietly studied at the institute," a source had said earlier.

Days before Rinzin’s death, US State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said the US was concerned that the Chinese authorities started the demolition of houses in Buddhist institute without the consent of the leaders of the school. She said, “We urge the authorities to cease the actions, which could increase tensions and to continue the direct consultations with the leaders of the school to deal with any security problem in a way that does not violate the right of Tibetans to freely practice their religion.”

The demolition work that began on July 20 last month intends to curb down the population at the academy to 5,000 from 10,000 by 2017 with observers reporting that close to 150-200 structures are being flattened daily. Last year, over 600 members of the center were ordered to leave, while around 400 members over the age of 60 were also expelled.

In the year 2001, similar events were seen when the Serthar Institute was targeted by Chinese authorities. Over 8,000 students were evicted forcibly from the Institute and approximately 2,000 dwellings of monks and nuns were demolished that year."