2016-10-16 00:01 #0 av: Fredrik1

Although our minds may be turned towards the sacred Dharma,
If we are attached to the three realms of samsara we lack renunciation.
So let us develop a genuine and uncontrived wish to escape
From this cycle of existence which is by its nature suffering.

Though we might pursue mere peace and happiness for ourselves,
If we are attached to our own self-interest, we lack bodhicitta.
So since all beings have been our kind mothers and fathers,
Let us train our minds in love, compassion and bodhicitta.

Although we might be well trained in relative bodhicitta,
If there is grasping in our perception, it means we lack the view.
Therefore, in order that we may cut through the view of self,
Let us rest in all-pervading space, beyond conceptual constructs.

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo