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"Thru: Phayul ..-
By Tenzin Monlan.

DHARAMSHALA, October 17: Tibetan Activist and writer Tenzin Tsundue has been arrested for carrying out protest against Chinese President Xi Jinping at Taj Exotica Hotel in Goa on October 15.

As a part of the just concluded 8th BRICS Summit, the Chinese President met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bilateral talks at the hotel.

The activist stated that China has been exploiting billions of dollars worth of natural resources out of Tibet for free while brutally suppressing Tibetan resistance and flooding Tibet with millions of migrant workers from China, wrote Tsundue in his message explaining the reason behind his protest.

“I protest because this is not right. China has been plundering Tibet in its sixty years of military occupation and now it is selling it everywhere, calling it global trade,” he wrote, while pointing out that most people use ‘Made in China’ products despite holding a sympathetic view towards the Tibetan struggle and love for the Dalai Lama.

He said that he is protesting since most people don’t know or ignore the fact that in order to produce cheap Chinese goods the Tibetan nomads, farmers and Tibetans inside Tibet are suffering.

“Xi Jinping continues to run the dictatorship in China, denying basic freedom of speech and democracy to the people of China,” he said.

The Tibetan Youth Congress activists arrested for staging a protest against Xi on October 15 have been released yesterday from the Sub-Jail Sada Vasco in Goa."