2017-01-12 19:17 #0 av: Fredrik1

"Khenpo Sherab Sangpo teaches his students on the importance of marking transitions in their lives while not solidifying their open awareness into more ego mind or grasping at an inherent self. At the heart of Buddha’s teachings is the understanding of no-self; that every living being’s primordial nature is vast openness like space. Khen Rinpoche teaches that when we grasp at self that attachment and aversion arise that are the cause of suffering and the root of unhappiness. When we let go of our attachment to our selfish needs and open to what is, then we can enjoy the moment just as it is without fabrication. The session ends with a guided meditation and a recitation of the Kuntuzangpo Monlam called the Prayer of Samantabhadra that yogins and yoginis recite at important transitions such as the new year. This video was recorded on January 1, 2017. May all beings benefit from the merit of the teachings."