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"The first thing is that Buddha gave up his life, made an offering of his holy body, eyes, and limbs, and practiced the rest of the paramitas. By completing the six paramitas or ten paramitas, he completed the merit of wisdom and the merit of method, achieved enlightenment, revealed Dharma, and revealed the path to sentient beings, not only for other sentient beings, but also for me. Buddha sacrificed his life and offered charity for me. That is so incredible, so kind. Buddha sacrificed his life for other sentient beings for eons. He did that for me, to liberate me.

In the Praise to Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, composed by Lama Tsongkhapa, it says that Guru Shakyamuni Buddha has unmistaken realizations, having realized that phenomena are dependent arisings, and then taught sentient beings in that way, liberated sentient beings from samsara, and brought them to enlightenment. It is good to recite that praise, also it helps to realize emptiness, because the subject is emptiness – dependent arising.

There are other prayers which praise the qualities of the Buddha. It is very good to recite them in front of an image of the Buddha. One of these prayers, which is translated into English, comes at the end of the text called Slaying the Ego, Chöd Practice. There are also different bodhisattva life stories that are very inspiring.

Buddha’s kindness is like the limitless sky. He is kinder than all the buddhas. We are going to think and meditate, 21 times, on how Buddha is kinder than all the buddhas. Guru Shakyamuni Buddha then melts into light and dissolves into you, you become empty, and then you arise as Guru Shakyamuni Buddha. Visualize the Guru Shakyamuni Buddha mantra around your heart sending out light, then send out beams of light to the six realms, one by one, enlightening them, while chanting the mantra. The beams touch all the hell beings, all their defilements and negative karmas are completely purified, and they achieve all the realizations of the path and become enlightened, and are in essence the same as Guru Shakyamuni Buddha. So, we practice the meditation like that, enlightening the sentient beings of every realm, one by one."

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