2017-06-09 20:19 #0 av: Fredrik1

"Dr Nida Chenagtsang founder of Sorig Institute leads a group discussion and detailed explanation of the different body typologies used in Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan Medicine).

Includes a short introduction to Traditional Tibetan medicine (Tibetan: བོད་ཀྱི་གསོ་བ་རིག་པ་, Wylie: Ggso ba rig pa), also known as Sowa-Rigpa medicine, is a centuries-old traditional medical system that employs a complex approach to diagnosis, incorporating techniques such as pulse analysis and urinalysis, and utilizes behavior and dietary modification, medicines composed of natural materials (e.g., herbs and minerals) and physical therapies (e.g. Tibetan acupuncture, moxabustion, etc.) to treat illness."