2017-07-08 11:17 #0 av: Fredrik1

The Buddha of Compassion in our Midst
by Dr Nick Ribush

"Watching His Holiness, even from afar, as I’ve had to do, it’s easy to see how he could indeed be the living embodiment of an enlightened consciousness. He radiates love and compassion; everybody wants to be near him all the time. His wisdom is also clearly apparent—he can teach a range of students from rank beginners to highly learned geshes and advise the most sophisticated hermits in retreat. He takes responsibility not only for his land and his people, Tibet and the Tibetans, but also for the whole world, striving constantly to bring peace, reason and understanding to as many people as he possibly can. His Holiness travels tirelessly, meeting and inspiring world leaders, ordinary people and Dharma students everywhere."

Read more on the incredible qualities of His Holiness from Dr Nick Ribush below. "