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Self-Immolation, Suicide & End of Life Care In Tibetan Medicine wit...

Tibet House US

In this video Professor Thurman explains the context of the on-going Self-Immolation Protests (Sacrifice of oneself by fire) in which Tibetans under Chinese Occupation have been engaging in since 1998.

Includes a history of the controversial practice, the Dalai Lama's compassionate call for more traditional non-violent methods & how it fits within the Buddhist perspective on suicide and end of life care.

"Since March 2009, more than 140 people are known to have set themselves on fire inside Tibet to protest against the repressive Chinese occupation. Self-immolation protests peaked in 2012 when more than 80 took place. There have been far fewer since 2013 but they are still a feature of Tibetan protest. Although many monks and nuns have set themselves alight, most self-immolation protesters have not been from religious institutions. They include teachers, students and herdsmen, as well as mothers and fathers. The youngest was just 15 years old." via www.freetibet.org

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