2017-08-01 13:08 #0 av: Fredrik1

"How often do we reflect on our entire life, from birth to this very moment? Most people don’t have the time or space until hitting their golden years. But I found myself doing just this on July 20, the day I took monastic training vows at Sravasti Abbey and became an anagarika. The preceding days had been filled with tranquil joy punctuated with mild apprehension about shedding my “former” identity. Nothing in my 32 years had pointed in the direction of monasticism until I came to the Abbey in August 2016 for the three-week Exploring Monastic Life retreat. The retreat opened my eyes to the beauty and simplicity of a lifestyle devoted to cultivating wisdom, love, and compassion. As I reflected, it became clear that what led me to take the anagarika precepts was my need to live in alignment with my deepest values."

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