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Lama Zopa Rinpoche ger Manjushri Jenang.

"LZR Live Transcript
Preliminary Teachings to 
the Manjushri Jenang

Thubten Norbu Ling, Santa Fe, New Mexico

9 August 2017, 9.30 pm

(mandala offering)

So before, just, first finish the quotation, then little bit continue then I will do the initiation.

(Tibetan) it is very, very important, after what I mentioned before then, (Tibetan) nyekha, is extremely difficult, the perfect human rebirth which is extremely difficult to find again, nyekha,nye is find and kha is difficult,nyekha.

So the perfect human rebirth that we found now it came from, in the text it is mentioned, in the past keeping pratimoksha vows and bodhisattva vow and tantric vow, in one text it is mentioned that, so that means in this life you have opportunity to practice pratimoksha vows, bodhisattva vow, tantric vow and become free from samsara, and then with bodhisattva vow you can achieve enlightenment, to free sentient beings from oceans of samsaric sufferings and bring them to enlightenment, buddhahood, then tantric vow, Mahayana sutra, yeah, bodhisattva vow, then the Mahayana tantric vow, able to achieve enlightenment in this life, in one life without need for three countless great eons practice the six paramitas, the five paths and ten bhumis, without need to collect merit, practice six paramitas for three countless great eons without need to do that you can achieve enlightenment in one life. Even practicing lower tantras, first you achieve immortal life, long life, you can live for thousands of years, hundreds and thousands of years then you achieve enlightenment, but in highest tantra you can achieve enlightenment in brief lifetime of degenerate times, in some years like Gyalwa Ensapa and Milarepa, highest yoga tantra, mahanuttara tantra has special wisdom, clear light, nondual, emptiness, clear light, special wisdom, very high, I can say it is a very sophisticated path, like America makes many sophisticated machines, can do things quick, so here the very subtle clear light, wisdom directly realizing emptiness, that is amazing, which ceases, which cease the defilements, which ceases dualistic view, which ceases dualistic mind and dualistic view, in a brief lifetime of degenerate times, not only wisdom, yeah, like this,

(no sound)

So, because in the past practiced so in this life you meet again, opportunity to practice these three things, like that. So however, pure morality in the past, pure morality, has to be pure, pure morality, so even just human, born human being, having human body, even didn’t meet Dharma, but enough to be a human being, that is result of past life, having practiced pure morality.  It came from cause of virtue which is extremely difficult to create, engage, extremely difficult, so many obstacles, only came from that, most people in the world do not know that, do not know that, only the person who learned Dharma, learned karma, not everybody in every country learns karma, not like this.

For example, we examine one day life, if we examine one day life, because we do from morning we get up, we wash, we dress up, from there up to nighttime going to bed, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, doing job, and so forth, everything is done, for example,

(no sound)

It is on our mind, holding truly existent while it is not, holding truly existent, existing by itself, existing by nature, for example, the I, while it is not, while it is not there in this body, on these aggregates, any of the five aggregates, aggregates of form, feeling, cognition, compounding aggregates, consciousness, none of this is I real I, even merely labeled I, all together are not the I, and the I does not exist separate from this, I is not form, feeling, cognition, compounding aggregate, consciousness, the I is not any of them, not even the whole group. The I is not any of them. So this I, truly existent, existing from its own side, existing by its own nature, in common everyday language real I, that real I is not in the body, inside the chest where normally you believe it is, in reality it is not there. You can’t find it down to the toes, you can’t find it anywhere on the aggregates nor anywhere in the world. It is totally nonexistent.

… appeared as existing from its own side, that is hallucination and totally believed that is true (no sound)

Existence. Not only that doesn’t exist one day, appeared, doesn’t exist that from birth until death, that doesn’t exist from beginningless rebirths up to now, so it never came in existence again, it never comes into existence even in the future, not only in the past. So therefore whatever we do, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, doing job, doing meditation, all these things, even retreat, oh, it becomes only cause of samsara, ummm, that is the root of samsara, what creates samsara, your samsara. Then, oh, then with attachment to your samsara, even future life samsara happiness, oh, then whatever you do even retreat, meditation, retreat, studying Dharma, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, doing job,, everything becomes cause of samsara, everything becomes cause of samsara. Oh hoh, like that, now not only that, the attachment to this life, so from morning, when you get up, wash, dress, from there up to when you go to bed everything is done with attachment to this life, attachment clinging to the pleasure of this life. So that is nonvirtuous thought, so all actions become nonvirtuous actions, cause of suffering, not only cause of samsara but even cause of lower realms, naraks, hells, enlightenment, sorry, naraks, hungry ghosts, pretas, animals, like that. So from, just think of one day life from morning until you go to bed everything is done with attachment, with this attachment, even meditation, studying Dharma, whatever, retreat, everything is done with that attachment, for example, if  I learn more Dharma I will become famous, become famous teacher, get more power, get more disciples, everything becomes nonvirtue, it doesn’t become cause of happiness, but is cause of suffering. Everything becomes, even meditation, including meditation, prayers, done with motivation of attachment to this life then everything becomes nonvirtue, that thought is nonvirtue so every action becomes nonvirtue. Like that.

So then becomes cause of the lower realms, like that, suffering. So therefore, it is so difficult, nothing becomes cause of a perfect human rebirth, to achieve a perfect human rebirth again, nothing becomes, oh, how it is so difficult. So nonvirtuous actions are like waterfalls, all the delusions, ignorance, anger, attachment, mostly attachment arises so forcefully, like a waterfall. then arising virtuous thought is like water running up the mountain, going up the mountain, or like a stone from down rolling up, like that it is so difficult for a virtuous thought to arise. Nonvirtuous thought is like a stone falling down. Same thing, even one has taken, so to take morality, cause of a perfect human rebirth, basic cause, then it has so much obstacles from outside and inside, because inside delusions and karma, so much obstacles from inside, then because of that so much obstacles from outside, becomes so difficult to practice morality, even if you take one it is difficult to keep it pure. So that is why, even the five precepts, even the lay precepts, the five upasika precepts, abstaining from killing, stealing, telling lies, abstaining from taking alcohol, all that, even to keep one is very difficult, oh, like that if you examine. Therefore to receive perfect human rebirth, even just human rebirth is sooooooooooooo, to receive human rebirth is sooooooooooooo difficult, so difficult, this is without talking about a perfect human rebirth. So you can see now the perfect human rebirth we received now is sooooooooooooo difficult. So much you have to rejoice. Have to feel so much happiness, bah, bah, bah, like when I saw first time in Tv the person who wins in soccer they stretch their arms like this, they don't smile, stretch their arms like this and nerves come out, I thought maybe angry, but later I heard it means good, they are showing so much happiness, running like this I thought angry but then later I realized it means good, means so much over happy, so much happy, it means like that. We should do this all day long, in every second we should do like this. That is nothing, soccer. Even if you win at soccer it doesn’t mean you won’t be born in lower realms, it is just attachment, you win attachment, simply that, ooooh, we should not only do this we should much more show happiness and rejoice, bah, bah, bah. Opportunity especially to practice bodhichitta, bah, bah, bah, to achieve enlightenment, to achieve buddhahood, bah, bah, bah.

(the baby is helping, the baby is saying yes, yes)

Like that, it is amazing. Oh. amazing. So difficult to find. So difficult a human rebirth,nyekha, so difficult, a perfect human rebirth is so difficult to find again, it is highly meaningful, highly meaningful, living life mind being in Dharma, holy Dharma, not worldly dharma, holy Dharma, unstained by attachment clinging to happiness of this life, pleasure of this life. Mind living in the  holy Dharma. So with that, you make your life, your perfect human rebirth you make meaningful, the first meaningful. Then you live your life with the mind living in renunciation, unstained by attachment to samsara, unstained by attachment to samsara, your future life samsara. Second great meaning of life. Then third great meaning of life. First one living life with the mind that which becomes holy Dharma. So then all your actions, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, doing retreat, meditation, prayer all this becomes cause of happiness of future lives, future LIVES. Then living the life with the mind even more holier or peaceful than before, renunciation, renouncing attachment to your future life samsara, then everything you do, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, doing job, retreat, prayer, meditation, all becomes cause of nirvana, ultimate happiness, forever, ahha, then third, you are living life with mind in bodhichitta, great compassion for all sentient beings, bodhichitta, unstained by self-cherishing thought, then everything you do even breathing in and out each time, everything becomes cause of enlightenment, everything becomes cause of happiness of sentient beings, everything becomes cause of enlightenment, happiness of sentient beings, like that, unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable that life, wow, wow, wow, besides actions of eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, doing job,, meditation, prayer, wow, wow, wow each word you speak becomes cause of enlightenment, then with bodhichitta each time walking becomes cause of enlightenment, each time eating and drinking becomes cause of enlightenment, as you breath in and out it beòcomes cause of enlightenment, happiness of all sentient beings, enlightenment. It helps numberless sentient beings.bah, bah, bah. Oh. like that. That is highest meaningful life, highest meaningful life, the third one, living life with bodhichitta, your mind bodhichitta. Ahha, it is amazing, amazing, amazing.

So perfect human rebirth with that you can do that, it is so meaningful, bah, bah, bah. This good body, perfect body, you have a choice, choice of loss and profit, to take the essence, to take the essence without mistaken, so you wish to take the essence without mistaken, loss and win, profit.

While you have this wish, while you are thinking this, having this wish, while you are thinking this, then remember the guru, kindness of the guru. It all came from the guru that you have this incredible opportunity, for example, one day, to not lose, to have great profit, I have just finished explaining the three ways how to make the life meaningful. So in one day you don't lose, only profit. So profit are three, usefulness of a perfect human rebirth are three. So first, bodhichitta, of course, if not that, renunciation of samsara, unstained by attachment to your samsara. If not that, your mind unstained by attachment to this life, your mind became holy Dharma. In this way no loss, only profit in one day. Then one hour no loss only profit, in one minute no loss, only profit. This is by kindness of the guru, the guru enlightening your mind, showing to your mind, it is by the kindness of the guru you can do that in one day, one hour, one minute, that you can do this, give up the loss and take the profit. All that, bodhichitta. I think maybe I stop here.

The essence, everything when others get angry to you, complain to you,abuse you, way of looking at you, you don't like, the biggest thing, abuse, what others do to you, your friend or your mother that is result of your negative karma of harming others, those people who abuse you, who do small thing or most terrible thing, whatever they do to you, your friend or your mother, it comes to you from your friend’s karma, your mother’s karma, in the past you gave harm to those sentient beings. The essence is that if you harm others, engage in nonvirtue as a result you receive harm from others, so if you stop harm, big and small, you don't receive harm big and small form others. That is the answer how to protect you. of course there are other methods, can look for other methods, but that is the main answer, every minute you should cause happiness to others, serve others, as much knowledge, compassion and wisdom you have, help others, cause happiness to others in one day, hour. minute, whatever you can do, then karmic result is all your wishes for happiness become fulfilled, not only in this life, this life is short, in hundreds of lives, for example, you cause happiness to one insect who fell in the water, you rescue one insect, ant, big animal or human being, you cause happiness, whatever, child or old people carrying heavy luggage then you help, you share or offer your seat, whatever drink or food you offer, so now, benefiting to one, benefiting to one sentient being it causes five hundred lifetimes, you receive happiness, you get help from others, for five hundred lifetimes  from one karma benefiting somebody makes to fulfill all your wishes, so much happiness, in hundreds of lifetimes. Don't forget, I want to mention one thing, the Buddha said if you make charity size of hair, the Buddha said in a teaching, if you make charity the size of a hair for eight thousand eons you don't get reborn in the lower realms, 80 thousand eons, not years, you don't get reborn in lower realms from making charity size of hair. So when you eat food think like bodhisattva, I’m going to make charity to the creatures in my body, scientifically mentioned maybe more, in texts mentioned 11000 creatures living in the body, when you drink or eat food think you are making charity for the sentient beings in your body, anyway you are going to eat, but if you think I’m going to make charity then when they are born as human beings I will give them Dharma and bring them to enlightenment, that is how bodhisattvas eat food, besides offering to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha you do that charity. That is one example, it is a question of thinking, there is no extra expense of the food. Like that it is amazing, amazing. Then if you think abouttonglen practice, taking other sentient beings suffering, giving them your virtue, your body, your enjoyments, your merits and happiness, there are numberless sentient beings in each realm, wow, wow, wow, then you take all those sentient beings’ suffering, the karmic result, merit, it is like, in one minute, it is like unbelievable rich in merits, bah, bah, bah. In daily life if  you know how to practice Dharma, if you know how to make life meaningful, all the time make charity to sentient beings, to human beings, bah, bah, bah, you can make life, create cause of happiness so much, so much. If you don't know Dharma, if you think how to make the life meaningful, so the essence, like that. Unbelievable, human life, you can learn Dharma, you can practice, create cause of happiness, especially enlightenment. Okay. so now stop here. I stop here today then the initiation quickly.

So the essence you heard. So important. All the bad things you get came from your karma, you did like that before to others, it came from your mind, you experience happiness it comes from your mind, something you can’t believe, you win billion dollar lottery, it came from your mind, no matter how terrible others treat you, sickness, it came from your mind, from past negative karma.

So please generate. I will do the gegtor. Torma.

Sorry, Manjushri initiation. What happened, the center bought Manjushri, I did receive Jayang Chokor Chusum, the Thirteen Dharmas of Manjushri from ??, but I also received the Sukha Gyatsa, Rinchung Gyatsa, Pari Gyatsa, maybe I have to take again the Narthan Gyatsa, this is from Pari Gyatsa, I checked what came out beneficial to do is quick experience of arapatsana, jenang, permission to practice Manjushri quick experience, arapstsana, this came out in my observation. This came out. But in future I may receive initiation in this aspect, but today White Manjushri, same aspect just color is white. So this very short initiation from Pari Gyatsa. So okay I do thegegtor. Generate compassion for sentient beings or meditate on emptiness.

(signing out as the initiation cannot be made public)"