2017-08-21 18:16 #0 av: Fredrik1

"Dearest world wide sangha,

We have very auspicious news from the seminar here in Mexico City. Our dearest Rinpoche has very kindly accepted our request to give the transmission for the powerful Samantabhadra Aspiration Prayer (Kunzang Monlam) today, Monday 21st 2017. As you may know, today there will be a solar eclipse, which marks an extremely positive day to practice and receive these precious teachings. Due to Rinpoche's love for all of his students worldwide, this transmission will be livestreamed via our facebook page, Casa del Dharma CDMX:


It is Rinpoche's wish that this teachings reach as many persons as possible so if you have the opportunity we encourage you to connect and do this precious practice with us. We are extremely lucky to be able to do this at this precise time and with such a reach!

The livestream will start approximately at 13:00 Mexico City time UTC –6 these means we will be live at:

US West Coast: 11:00
US East Coast: 14:00
UK: 18:00
Austria/Denmark/France/: 19:00
Moscow: 20:00
Ukraine: 21:00
Nepal: 11:45

You can find the text here:
or here:
https://sellfy.com/p/qvsD/ "