2017-09-02 00:01 #0 av: Fredrik1

When anger arises in what we think of as our minds, we become oblivious even to the dangers that might threaten us. Our faces flushed with rage, we seize our weapons and could even kill a lot of people. But this anger is an illusion; it is not at all some great force that comes rushing into us. It achieves one thing only and that is to send us to hell, and yet it is nothing but thought, insubstantial thought.

At this moment, while I am teaching Dharma, let us consider the mental experience, or thought, which you have, of listening carefully to me. Does this have a form or color? Is it to be found in the upper or lower part of the body, in the eyes or the ears?

What we call the mind is not really there at all. You can find out whether the mind inherently exists or not by just turning inwards and reflecting carefully. You will see that the mind does not begin, or end, or stay anywhere. It has no color or form, and it is not found inside or outside the body. And when you see that it does not inherently exist as any thing, you should stay in that experience without an attempt to label or define it.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche