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Even though present sentient beings can’t see Guru Shakyamuni Buddha himself in that aspect of Buddha, he is guiding us by appearing in various forms—as a vajra guru giving vajra initiations or as an abbot granting ordination. He may appear as a virtuous teacher giving oral transmissions and commentaries, or teaching the alphabet. He may appear in the form of a monk or a layperson, in the form of a king, a minister or a crazy person, in the form of a spirit, a beggar or even a prostitute. He may appear in the form of a person having great attachment or in the form of a person showing the aspect of great anger, or even in the form of an animal. He may appear in various forms and aspects. Even to guide one sentient being at different times, according to the level of that being’s mind, he will appear in different forms. He guides sentient beings in whatever way fits them. He reveals the teachings to those whose minds are suitable and who have reached the level where the teachings can be revealed to them.

Lama Yeshe

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