2017-11-18 20:37 #0 av: Fredrik1

"When you think of superhuman abilities, Tibetan monks are sure to come to your mind as one of the rare people in this world who have learned to unlock their hidden potentials.

Indeed – these monks are fascinating in many ways, and they possess a deep wisdom about existence and life that surpasses many teachings. They are mostly renowned for their meditative techniques that put many people in awe.

In fact, even Harvard scientists have been puzzled by what these monks can achieve through meditation – things that are established to be impossible for a human to achieve. It seems like they have learned how to control every aspect of their being and thus become superhuman.

This is what Professor Herbert Benson from the Harvard School of Medicine discovered on his journey to the Himalayas in the 80s. His experience with the monks in the remote monasteries is one that still puzzles Harvard scientists."

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