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"We can transform sleep into virtue by doing the yoga practice of sleeping. When we go to bed, lie down in the position of the lion sleeping. This is the same position that Guru Shakyamuni Buddha had when he passed away. Keep the right side perfectly on the bed, then put the right hand under the right cheek. Keep both of the legs straight, then stretch the left arm along the left leg. If there is an altar, the legs should not be stretched towards the altar. The head should be towards the altar. Usually it’s better not to have altars completely all around the bedroom in our house. That way it’s difficult to stretch the legs, because it prompts disrespect and we are committing negative karma. Wherever we stretch our legs, don’t put an altar on that side.

Lama Tsongkhapa explained in the teachings that in order to not have a deep sleep, to have a thin, light sleep, so we can get up easily in the morning, visualize light when we go to bed. With a vision of light, then go to bed. With a kind of white vision, then go to bed; that helps to have a lighter sleep.

Before going to bed remember that Guru Shakyamuni Buddha took this position before he passed away in order to show impermanence and death to sentient beings. Think, “I should take the attitude to work for sentient beings just as Guru Shakyamuni did, by taking this same position. So I’m going to do the yoga practice of sleeping.” Then, lie down in that position. Before going to bed, if we can visualize Guru Shakyamuni Buddha and make three prostrations, which is the practice of refuge, that is excellent. If we have taken refuge ordination before, this is one of the practices we can do. In the morning when we get up, make three prostrations, and before we go to bed at night, make three prostrations."

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