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"Dear friends and students of Rinpoche,

Special Announcement - Long Life Puja for His Eminence Choden (Yangtze) Rinpoche - 21st Jan - Bodhgaya - 2018

We have a special announcement - we are very pleased to announce that there will be a long life Puja for HE Choden (Yangzte) Rinpoche on the 21st of January at 6:00pm - In Bodhgaya

The Puja will be held at Drepung Losel Ling Monastery- Near Kalachakra Ground, West Side No.4 Tanky Road - Bodhgaya. This is an incredible opportunity to make a connection, and deeper your ties with Rinpoche, while he is here, to make a offering, and to receive a blessing from him personally.

This is the fist long life Puja for young Rinpoche and we hope you can attend.

If you are unable to attend you can make an offering by donating via the Awakening Vajra website here:


Much love from us all at Awakening Vajra & Choden Labrang"


Foto: (c) Geshe Gyalten Kungka 2018. All rights reserved.