2018-05-05 09:17 #0 av: Fredrik1

You might feel that you have some control of the mind or have made some progress in your practice, yet as soon as difficulties confront you, the mental poisons overwhelm your mind with the same strength as before. If this happens try to determine whether you are becoming a better being or not. Are you slowly getting free of the disturbing emotions? Are you enjoying the fulfillment of inner freedom?

After years of practice, we should gain a sense of inner peace and become less vulnerable to outer circumstance. Masters such as Patrul Rinpoche experienced great joy and profound happiness as a result of their Dharma practice. Inner freedom, relaxed and open happiness, and joy will arise when disturbing emotions and mental confusions disappear. In contrast, we will have missed the point of the practice if our mental poisons are still all-powerful, torment us constantly, and cause us to remain preoccupied with ourselves.

Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche