2018-05-29 08:59 #0 av: Fredrik1

"Guru Shakyamuni Buddha followed the bodhisattva’s path by accumulating extensive merits and doing purification for three countless great eons, with much hardship. He brought benefit to uncountable numbers of sentient beings not only while he was a bodhisattva, but also after he become enlightened. With bodhicitta, renouncing the self and cherishing others, he finished the work of accumulating the two types of merit—the merit of fortune and the merit of wisdom. Through the remedy, the path, he completely removed all obscurations and achieved omniscience, perfect power. In the past, an uncountable number of sentient beings were guided and led from the lower realms into the realms of the happy transmigrating beings, and from there, he led them to nirvana and enlightenment. Even now, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha is teaching and guiding uncountable numbers of sentient beings from the lower realms to the bodies of the happy transmigrating beings. He guides them and brings them to enlightenment. "

Lama Zopa Rinpoche