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"Indestructible Warrior Sounds
The following article is from the Winter, 2012 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

Before the development of human language, there were only the sounds of nature: waterfalls, wind, rain. Sound had no conceptual associations. When we trace sound farther back to its very beginnings, we arrive at the pure, primordial sounds of the seed syllables.

According to the ancient Bon Buddhist tradition, the first sounds that arose from the essence were the five warrior seed syllables, the pawo dru nga (pawo, "warrior"; dru, "seed"; nga, "five"). They are called warriors because they have the ability to conquer our demons. The demons they fight are not necessarily evil beings; rather, they are the familiar demons of our emotions from which the experience of evil may arise. There are four other classes of demons mentioned in the teachings, some related to karmic forces, others to the subtlest attachment of our own grasping mind. Whether we are troubled by distracting thoughts, having problems with anger, feeling too much desire or attachment, or suffering from karma-related chronic illness, whatever obstacle or obscuration we have is related to one of these demons. And for every demon, there is a warrior syllable that can overcome it.

The warrior syllables are pure and indestructible. They are able to penetrate through fear and cannot be destroyed by it. They cut through ignorance and open space; they are the doorway to connecting back to the original essence and to the wisdom qualities that arise from the essence."

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