2018-10-04 11:01 #0 av: Fredrik1

"DHARAMSALA, Oct 2: A former political prisoner of Tibet has passed away due to prolonged health complications sustained during his time in the Chinese prison.

“Shonu Palden, 41, succumbed to ill health in Machu County Kanlho (Ch: Gannan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, in the Tibetan province of Amdo after years of prolonged treatment for torture-related injuries inflicted upon him during his time in detention,” Gu-Chu- Sum Movement of Tibet, a Dharamsala based organization of former political prisoners of Tibet reported earlier today.

The former political prisoner of Tibet reportedly passed away en route to hospital on Sept. 30.

Human rights groups have long criticised the Chinese regime in Tibet for the torture and inhumane treatment meted out to Tibetans in Chinese prisons in Tibet and the incident just confirmed their criticism as Shonu Palden joined the long list of Tibetan political prisoners who succumbed to injuries sustained while serving sentence in Chinese prisons.

Shonu Palden was arrested by the Chinese authorities on June 18, 2012, from a local restaurant in Belpen Township in Machu County on suspicion that he spearheaded protests in Machu County in 2008. Thereafter, he was interrogated and severely tortured for months in incommunicado detention without the knowledge of his family or legal representation."