2018-10-15 09:39 #0 av: Fredrik1

Practical tips from Tulku Lobsang: How can we develop more compassion?

► Step 1: For the people in the West it is important to first of all develop loving kindness for themselves. This means learning to be grateful to yourself for your own good sides, for the positive things you have done, and for trying to be a good person and to avoid negative actions.

► Step 2: Compassion for yourself comes next. This means accepting yourself. To accept that you not only have good sides and that you do not always do everything as well as you would like. Many people have a tendency not to recognize their own good sides and at the same time completely reject their own bad sides. This leads to them "punishing" themselves. They develop more and more emotional blocks and are less and less happy. As a result, their heart closes more and more, and then it is very difficult to develop loving kindness and compassion for others.

► Step 3: Only if you have loving kindness and compassion for yourself, you can also develop loving kindness and compassion for others. The meditation of loving kindness and compassion helps you with this.

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche