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"If we wish to achieve enlightenment in one brief lifetime like the great yogis, from our own side it can be achieved, unless we are not following the path, not making an attempt to generate the three principal paths and the gradual path of tantra. If we follow these paths, there is no reason why we cannot achieve enlightenment in one brief lifetime.

The great yogi Milarepa practiced the path by living in a dried cave, in an empty, bare cave. If we saw Milarepa’s holy body as it appeared at that time, if we were able to see it now, it is something that we couldn’t believe, we couldn’t imagine. We couldn’t believe that it is the great yogi, Milarepa. His holy body was very skinny, not like our body, which is very healthy, very fat, very shiny. His holy body was not like that. The color of his holy body was kind of blue and he was very thin. If we saw him, we might think he could fall down very easily or he could be blown by the wind very easily. His holy body is not like our body. The great yogi, Milarepa, didn’t have hundreds of clothes in his cupboard, to change into every day. He didn’t have hundreds of shoes to wear in different seasons, in the rain or the sun, and there was no way for him to change into different shoes.

The great yogi Milarepa didn’t have in his cave the various foods that we have. We have breakfast in the morning after the sun has risen, what we call breakfast. Then around twelve we have what is called lunch and in the evening time, around six or eight o’clock we have what we call dinner. Then there are so many tea breaks in between. There are so many teas and coffees, then many biscuits, many chocolates, again many other pieces in between those times. We have bread or subje or cornflakes for the breakfast. There are many different choices of food to have even for breakfast.

For the great yogi, Milarepa, what he called breakfast was nettles. If it was lunch, whether it was called lunch or not, it was only nettles. Whatever it was called, dinner or not, it was only nettles. Then even though it was called sugar, it was nettles, cheese was also nettles, salt was also nettles. There were only nettles; there was no other thing, no other ingredient to make it tasty, to give it flavor, there were only nettles.

As you can remember from the story, some thieves came. I think they might have come in the day time, but actually they came to steal things from Milarepa’s cave at night time. So then Milarepa told them, “How can you find anything at night time? I cannot find anything even in the day time.” He told the thieves that, as if he was actually giving a teaching to the thieves. He told the thieves that."

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