2018-10-23 22:47 #0 av: Fredrik1

The essential answer is: please read the lamrim text *Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand* very well, from beginning to end. Don’t read it so fast, thinking that ice-cream will appear somewhere. As far as Buddhism is concerned, the Buddha’s words—every single one of them, each word—has ice-cream behind its meaning. There is ice-cream behind the meaning of each word, and the ultimate ice-cream is enlightenment.

Please read this text well and get a new diary book. Write down anything that you don’t understand, then check with the elder students or some geshes who have studied well, and who have learned lamrim or philosophy well. If you ask those students who don’t understand much of the teachings, there is the risk of getting wrong answers, then you could get double negative thinking— double obscurations on top of the obscurations you already have. Then you will create more negative karma. This is like a blind person who already cannot see with his eyes, and you give him a pair of dark glasses! It becomes like that.

from Rinpoche's letter to a student
in Lama Zopa Rinpoche's Online Advice Book