2018-11-17 14:56 #0 av: Fredrik1

Once born, every human in the world is sure to die. But how, why, when and where we are going to die can not be predicted. None of us can say for sure that our death will come about at a particular time or place, in a certain way, or as a result of this or that cause. There are few things in this world that favour life and many that threaten it.

The only thing of any use at the moment of death is the Dharma, so encourage yourself to practise in an authentic way, never slipping into forgetfulness or loss of vigilance, remembering always that the activities of samsara are transient and without the slightest meaning. In essence, this conjunction of body and mind is impermanent, so do not count on it as your own; it is only on loan.

Patrul Rinpoche