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Hjärtligt välkomna till lojong, Vajrayogini, tsa-lung-tigle och chöd påskretreat med Drubpon Tsering Rinpoche 17 - 22 april, 2019 på Ratnashri Meditation Center
LOJONG (Seven Points of Mind Training)
Lojong or mind training is a training for cultivating bodhicitta, the mind of attaining enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. It aims at radically transforming our habitual tendencies of self-centeredness to altruism. Due to the wrong view, we grasp at the believed-to-be intrinsically existing, real, “self” and we cherish "me" at the expense of all others. Thus, we feel hurt when someone insults us, betrays us, disparages us, but all because of our deep-rooted self-cherishing. Mind training challenges us to reverse this and leads us to realize the nonduality of self and other or the indivisibility of appearances and emptiness. We come to understand how others are "more precious than a wish-fulfilling jewel," and the recognition that our true enemy lies inside ourselves, not outside. Thus, toward all being, contemplate their kindness." On the path of transformation, the principle of transforming all adversities into the path is applied. Then extend the principle to all possible situation - taking both success and misfortune onto the path. Early Lojong masters compare this teaching as an indestructible diamond, to all-powerful sun, and to the mythological wish-granting tree. Seven Points of Mind Training was composed by Geshe Chekawa as text and arranged into seven points by his disciple Sechilphuwa Özer Shyönnu and was brought to Tibet by Lord Atisha.

The dwelling place of Vajrayogini is at the navel chakra. Her essence nature is warmth abiding at the navel chakra. On the outer level is the fire element. The quality of fire is that it can burn away everything. Within our body, fire is the warmth. The experience of warmth/heat relates to our life force and physical well-being, health etc. The essence of warmth is bliss. On the secret level, when we give rise to wisdom awareness, all afflictive emotions are burned away. Actually, the nature of all these afflictive emotions is emptiness. When we realize that, it gives rise to awareness. This awareness is like fire that burns away afflictive emotions. Then we reach the ultimate fruition of Vajrayana.

TSA-LUNG-TIGLE (channel-wind-essence) according to the Heruka Tantra system: this course covers the knowledge of the formation of our physical body, the knowledge and yoga exercises of channels (tsa), chakras, winds (lung), elements and essences (tigle). On the outer level, the knowledge and yoga exercises of channel-wind-essence help us to understand our body. On the inner level, it helps to cure disease, improve well-being. On the secret level, after receiving the empowerment of Vajrayogini, we generate ourselves as Vajrayogini, visualize the inner channels, chakras, winds etc., and perform yoga exercises to purify this impure body to pure illusory body. By realizing the nature of this illusory body as the form of the deity, we will eventually realize the pure illusory body of the deity and attain the blissful state. Thus, the knowledge and yoga exercises of channel-wind-essence expediate the attainment of the ultimate fruition—the attainment of Buddhahood and the carrying out of various Buddha activities for the benefit of all sentient beings.

CHÖD means cutting through; is a powerful mind training method according to Machig Labdron aiming at cutting ego-clinging through wisdom that realizes emptiness-compassion. We generate ourselves as Vajrayogini. The delusive self-grasping attitude of identifying ourselves as our body is cut when the skull cup is taken out of you and your body is offered boundlessly to the guests. Where is ‘I’ then? You are not the skull cup or the body. This body that you identify yourself so much with will someday perish and turns into a heap of ashes. When you realize the emptiness of self, that is, self does not exist inherently as we perceive but depends solely on causes and conditions, mind becomes like space.

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