2019-02-27 00:01 #0 av: Fredrik1

Sentient beings are limitless. Therefore if we cultivate bodhicitta by relying on the understanding that there are limitless sentient beings, our cultivation of bodhicitta becomes limitless too. The authentic cultivation of limitless bodhicitta is accomplished that way.

Then if our cultivation of bodhicitta is limitless, it goes without saying that the benefits would be limitless too. But the problem is that we do not fully understand that sentient beings really are limitless.

We may talk about "all old-mother-like sentient beings who are equal to space", but nobody seems to fully understand just how vast the universe actually is. And no one seems to know that it is pervaded by sentient beings. Some scientists even say that there are no inhabited worlds except planet earth. But such a perspective is too narrow! It is like only seeing the eye of a needle!

~ Yangthang Rinpoche