2019-03-04 18:56 #0 av: Fredrik1

"Recently, I had the immense honor of meeting with the Dalai Lama in Delhi, to have conversations about the work we do in Potential Project.

Since my first five-day meditation retreat with him, back in 2002, his vision of creating the conditions for world peace through mind training and compassion, became my mission too. And naturally, it became the mission of Potential Project. In that light, I was awestruck by the invitation of sharing our work with him.

More so, I was touched by his unequivocal endorsement and support of our work when he said:

“The work of Potential Project is very important. Today, there is much divisiveness and emotional disturbance in the world. The answer to these challenges is mindfulness, less self-centeredness and more compassion. We must all stand together as one. The training programs of Potential Project in companies help people to be kinder and more at peace. It is important work for the world. I wholeheartedly endorse and support it.”

Halfway through the conversations, I asked for his opinion of our recent book The Mind of the Leader. He said:

“This book has very important messages for the future. There is real hope, because scientists have proven that we are fundamentally good beings. The basic human nature is fundamentally compassionate. Children don’t care about race or gender. They play together. But when we grow up and join education, there is more focus on differences, and that creates division. Therefore, we are lacking the basic idea of oneness of 7 billion people. The only remedy is to go to the basic level which is that we are all human beings. For that, mindfulness, selflessness and compassion is necessary. This book explains that in detail, and from a scientific perspective. It is very important.”

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