2019-03-05 01:32 #0 av: Fredrik1

"When many people meditate on emptiness they say that nothing exists. Do you understand? Nothing exists. [When you do that] you are not meditating on emptiness. You are meditating that things don’t exist even in mere name, doesn’t exist, nothing, doesn’t exist. Sorry to say this.

I’m sure I do that a lot. I think I do that a lot if I don’t check well. I think when I meditate I do that normal mistake: even in mere name doesn’t exist, complete nihilism, emptiness meditation that is nihilism. You understand?

Remember this: when you meditate on emptiness check to see whether you are meditating on nihilism or not. Make sure. Keep it in mind. Write it down.

This is a suggestion bringing up my own mistakes. Whether it is really meditating on emptiness, whether meditating on nihilism or not, you have to check.

The Prasangika view of emptiness has to be unified with dependent arising. Dependent arising has to be unified with emptiness. That is the Prasangika view of emptiness, the right view, of renunciation, bodhichitta, and emptiness; it is the right view. …"