2019-03-20 23:24 #0 av: Fredrik1

"What is samsara? It is these aggregates, which are caused by the contaminated seed of karma and disturbing thoughts. Samsara means circling or the cycle. The straight translation is not cyclic existence; “circling” can be more effective. Korwa means circling.

With samsara and these aggregates, because the contaminated seed of karma and disturbing thoughts is there, when we meet a beautiful object, attachment arises, when we meet an undesirable object, anger arises and when we meet an indifferent object, ignorance arises. With these aggregates, we create karma, which compounds the seed of the future samsara and leaves the potential on the consciousness. So within this samsara, we compound the cause of our future life’s samsara.

As long as we are not liberated from samsara, even if we don’t experience the suffering of suffering, we experience the suffering of change. Pleasures don’t last. On the other hand, however much effort we put into practice and however much we attain, our Dharma happiness increases more and more, and it can be completed.

Samsaric pleasures depend on outside conditions, so however much effort we put into them, they do not last. The longer we try, the more they change into suffering. They become greater sufferings, then greater and greater sufferings that have no end. We try again and then the pleasure changes into the suffering of suffering, so it becomes a problem that has no end. Our work has no end, no way to finish. This is said in the Four Hundred Stanzas by Aryadeva"

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