2019-04-21 17:57 #0 av: Fredrik1

"A Dharma Short-Cut

If at anytime, one seems stuck in a negative mind state, with eyes closed, notice where this mind state is appearing.

Is it appearing in your existing mind or consciousness? It has to be or else you couldn’t know it.

Notice the empty nature of the mind in which it’s appearing. Could it be that the negative mind state is how one’s perfect Buddha Mind is itself appearing?

In other words, notice how you as Buddha Mind consciousness, are yourself appearing as your own energetic mind states. Negative or positive mind states or ego identities, aren’t appearing “in” or “to” your consciousness, rather your Buddha consciousness is appearing “as” those positive and negative mind or egoic states. This is a short cut.

Imagine your Buddha Mind Consciousness is like a transparent sphere of crystal clear water. Then imagine that same crystal clear consciousness, becomes frozen like an ice cube. In the frozen state, the mind doesn’t know its true nature.

It then proceeds to seek the Buddha Mind elsewhere, everywhere else, without considering itself to be the one it is looking for.

When it recognizes itself to be the one it was seeking, the ice dissolves, leaving only crystal clear water as Buddha Mind knowing Itself.

So don’t seek to “remove” any negative mind state, only seek to know its true nature, just as it is.

Applying this exercise will reveal the non-dual state of samsaric consciousness and the Buddha Mind. Ah la la ho!

"All beings are primarily Buddhas.
Like water and ice,
There is no ice apart from water;
There are no Buddhas apart from samsaric beings.
Not knowing how close the Truth is to them,
Beings seek for it afar--what a pity!"

Zen Master Hakuin Zenji