2019-06-02 00:09 #0 av: Fredrik1

"Not running after anything, not running away from anything. Then you are not struggling. If you are not running after anything, then you are not grasping. "I want this, I want that." You are not caught up in that, and you also have no fear because you are not running away from anything. And when you can really do that it is naturally peaceful. Because you dare to be the way it is. The more you realize that you can be in that state, the more joyful you are, because you have no story to follow, nothing to fear, nothing to run away from, nothing to run after - desire, attachment, grasping. So therefore, the more we can do that, the more serenity, the more peace we experience and therefore the natural joy of our mind can come up. And then there is peace. When you can really do that, then you will know what you are and what mind is.
Because that IS who you are, it is not a concept, it is not a philosophy, it is a direct experience of yourself. And the more you learn how to do that, the more you can deal with the present. If you can deal with the present moment, if you can be okay now, you can be okay in the next 'now', and the next - so you can be okay all the time. This is the meditation.
And so there are not too many concepts. Not too many because, in a way, there's not much to understand. Because all understandings are conceptual. However good they are, they are just concepts, philosophy. And they lie to you. So, if it is a thought, it doesn't count too much in experience. But meditation is not a thought, meditation is not a concept, meditation is learning to be in a experiential way, now.
Sometimes people think, "When I meditate, I should have no thoughts, there should be nothing, just calmness." It's not like that: if thoughts come, no problem. But do not follow them. Just come down to your 'this moment'. If there are emotions that's okay. But do not follow them. Just be here and and bring your mind back again and again to this very moment. And then relax. It's not about doing something, it's about not doing anything. It's just being. So therefore, being and being aware of being. That's it. Too much talking is not good."

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in "Meeting Challenges, Unshaken by Life's Ups and Downs", Heart Wisdom Series, Bodhicharya Publications, 2018, pp 80, 81, 82.