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"Making the World a Better Place

Ven. Robina:
In other words, your simple question is when I look at the world, and see the nightmarish suffering, people killing, lying, killing, dropping bombs, using plastic, etc., how can I cope with it is your question.


Ven. Robina
Thank you.



Ven. Robina:
We've actually been saying it about 20 times today, but this shows how it takes us time to hear it.


Ven. Robina:
So you've got compassion. This is evident. You see the world. You see the harm that people are doing that's going to harm the environment, and people, and you have compassion. Correct? Right.

But then you said, "But I get anxious and worry, and can't control my emotions." Now that simply proves you haven't done enough wisdom work yet. You haven't given up your attachment yet. Because why you suffer isn't because people use plastic. You don't suffer because a guy kicks a dog. You don't suffer because Syrians are bombing somebody else. You suffer because you've got attachment, and attachment is like a child that can't stand problems. That's what makes you freak out. This is not how we think in our culture. So it takes a while to hear this.

So that attachment has a panic attack. "Oh my God, this is so shocking, I can't stand it. This is just terrible. Oh my God, the whole planet's going to collapse." Blah blah blah. That's attachment having gone berserk, and then it brings anger and aversion, and then you don't know what to do.

So the answer to your question is you've got… Compassion is the point. Like I'm saying here, like I'm saying here, like I'm saying everywhere. Compassion, seeing suffering, and seeing that people are causing suffering, even though they don't know it, so once ... That's compassion. But you've got to know how, what to do, in the face of that. That's what you get from wisdom, from working on your mind, from lessening your fears, and lessening your dramas, and lessening your anger.

Of course, the bigger picture in Buddhism would also include understanding the view of karma, knowing why it's happening. And this wisdom gives you clarity, and fulfillment, and contentment, and then informs your compassion, and gives iron, and courage, and strength to it. So every time you see suffering, you go, "Oh my God, look at the consequences, no one knows what they're doing. I must never give up working to help others to make the planet a better place." That's the answer.

From teachings Ven. Robina gave in the beginning of 2019 at Yeshe Norbu Mind Training Centre, Lama Zopa Rinpoche's center in Stockholm."